Hi! Its me!

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Hi Everyone!

This is a new adventure I decided to start on. I decided to start blogging all (well hopefully all) of my sessions. I thought this would be a good place for me to get my words out, remember all the feelings from my sessions and share my thoughts.

I am so new to this whole blogging thing but I think it will be fun and a great way for everyone to find out all the details of the sessions, and learn some more about me!

I will try to include some fun posts like the homemade donuts I am about to attempt and when my babies hit some milestones.

This is just a space to share and I am so excited you are here!

My Family


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Some things you might not know about me!

  1. I have three beautiful babies and my favorite thing in the whole world is being their mama.

  2. I am a sucker for Tiger ice cream. I love it. You will not change my mind.

  3. I was only 20 years old when I married my handsome husband.

  4. Candy is my weakness, I always have some at home. Feeling sad, happy, angry, stressed? Just have a jolly rancher!

  5. We live on a ranch with horses and two dogs.

  6. If I am home you can find me in leggings and an over-sized cardigan.

  7. Baking is probably my favorite hobby. I like to try new recipes but usually stick to my ones I know will turn out perfectly. I hate when I bake something and it is not perfect.

  8. I am a hardcore crime fanatic. Any TV show, documentary, podcast or YouTube series I can find about crime I have watched it and loved it.

  9. I believe Birkenstock's are appropriate footwear all year round, and I live in Canada.

  10. I hate nicknames. I call my kids my babes, princess, handsome, etc. but I do not like nicknames. My husband calls everyone by their nickname and I often remind him how much a dislike it.


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