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Rustic + Intimate Backyard Wedding Ceremony

As a photographer if you think of a dream wedding to shoot for me there a few things that come to mind.

  1. A great couple that you click with and that trusts your vision.

  2. Beautiful scenery...their property in the foothills was STUNNING!

  3. A fun bridal party!

This wedding had ALL THREE! The bride and groom chose to get ready at the Groom's parents house. The girls upstairs, the boys downstairs. The ceremony was set up out in the pasture with beautiful foothills views!

The ceremony was beautiful, simple and intimate. There were lots of laughs and a few tears. Absolute perfection. After the ceremony concluded we took family photos are their farm. We found a perfect spot right at the front of thier home.

After completeing the family photos and a few bridal party photos we headed into Okotoks, AB to capture some bridal portraits and bridal party photos. The bridal party was so fun and cooperative to work with! We chose to go to a stunning green space with lots of trees.

We wrapped up the photos quickly and headed to the reception which was held at Granary Road, what a stunning spot! Nestled in the foothills there are wide open skies, beautiful sunsets and copious amounts of stunning flowers and greenery. Granary road is such a perfect spot for a rustic summer wedding.

The dinner was fabulous, the live band was AWESOME and the couples friends and family celebrated all night on the dance floor.

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Vold for having me capture their perfect wedding day.

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